December 2012: The year past

A tip of the hat to the legendary New York newspaper columnist Jimmy Cannon for borrowing his signature phrase: nobody asked me, but…

It proved to be a strange year. The incumbent President of the United States won reelection despite elevated unemployment levels and high gasoline prices. The last day of 2012 found Democrats and Republicans in Congress fumbling toward agreement (perhaps?) on averting the so-called “fiscal cliff” as the country watched in dismay.

A devastating superstorm, Hurricane Sandy, hit New York and New Jersey in October. Mass murders in Colorado and in Newtown, NY by deranged killers armed with semiautomatic weapons caused a long overdue reconsideration of anemic gun laws.

Some good things happened as well. The London Olympics entertained us. The country saw progress on marriage rights for gay Americans. Charitable giving continued to grow. Tom Wolfe published a novel (Back to Blood). The Giants won another Super Bowl over the Patriots. And, best of all, the world didn’t come to an end on December 21 as (supposedly) predicted by the Mayans.

Stories in the American Grain: Café Carolina and Other Stories

The trade paperback and ebook versions of Café Carolina and Other Stories by Jefferson Flanders are now available on and other online booksellers.

Written over a span of three decades, these twelve short stories by Jefferson Flanders explore themes of memory, family, faith, and love against a distinctly American landscape.

Café Carolina and Other Stories introduces the reader to the varied worlds of its memorable characters.

A waitress in a small-town restaurant invents a romantic backstory for the secretive couple in the last booth. A burnt-out relief worker returns from Africa to find himself drawn to the New England landscape of his childhood. A retired military aviator clashes over Cold War politics with the guests at a Princeton dinner party. A preacher’s son visits Jerusalem on a pilgrimage that his father hopes will revive his faith.

With humor and compassion these stories address the simple joys and complex challenges of life at century’s turn.

Read an interview with the author.


Download the story “Café Carolina” in PDF format.


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Changes for Neither Red nor Blue in 2013

Neither Red Nor Blue began its existence in February 2006. Starting next year, in 2013, I will post here on an occasional basis only and will discontinue the monthly “Nobody Asked Me But” monthly columns.

My essays and reviews will appear on with some reposted to Neither Red Nor Blue.

This will allow me more time to finish the novel THE NORTH BUILDING, due to be published mid-year 2013.

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