Neither Red nor Blue: an anniversary

One year ago I began writing posts for “Neither Red nor Blue.” This is my 118th post, so I think it is safe to say that I’ve passed the “early abandonment” phase of blogging. An anniversary offers a natural opportunity to reflect, so here goes…

When I launched this blog, I wrote:

I hope to offer a slightly different perspective in my commentary–an independent and authentic one. I hope that what appears here reflects a philosophy of expressing views “without fear or favor of friend or foe,” to quote that marvelous newspaper tagline.

Whether I have succeeded I will leave to my readers to decide.

What I have learned about blogging? I realized fairly quickly that I did not want to become a daily poster—family responsibilities, the exigencies of work and teaching, and the pull of other writing projects made that impossible. So I’ve settled into a once-a-week online column, “Nobody asked me, but…”, and additional musings when the spirit moves me.

To my surprise, I’ve seen heavy reader traffic on matters literary, especially when I’ve written about short fiction. So in Year Two there will be more on short stories and books. I also plan to include some occasional political reportage from the field, especially as the 2008 campaign comes into better focus.

After a year of blogging, I’m reminded what an Internet-savvy friend told me: a blog becomes a Web Rorschach test over time. I look at the most posted categories—politics, writing, journalism, fiction, sports, music—and I have to agree that NRNB is mirroring what I find most intriguing in the human comedy.

To the extent that NRNB offers me an excuse to indulge my curiosity, and to comment on any subject under the sun I care to, it serves as a welcome vehicle for personal discovery. It was Robert Frost, the American poet, who once said: “I talk in order to understand; I teach in order to learn.” I agree. So on we go into Year Two.

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