More: Nobody asked me, but…

With apologies to Jimmy Cannon…nobody asked me, but…

Are there four words in English more enjoyable to say than, “I told you so?” Yes, I did predict in “Neither Red nor Blue” the day before he resigned that Harvard University’s Larry Summers was finished. And yes, I did forecast George W. Bush’s 2004 Electoral College victory the week before the election to a lecture hall full of disbelieving NYU journalism students.

But I also thought the Baltimore Colts would kill Joe Namath’s New York Jets in the 1969 Super Bowl; I believed Nebraska’s Bob Kerrey would electrify Democrats in 1992 and sweep to the White House; and I thought Yahoo was just another Internet flash in the pan…

Christopher Hitchens’ piece on ”The End of Fukuyama” in Slate demonstrates once again why he is this decade’s most brilliant political essayist.

Do the words “modest” and “retiring” come to mind in connection with Hollywood starlet Jessica Alba? Does it make any sense for her to threaten to sue Playboy for running her photo on its cover and creating “the false impression that Alba would appear in revealing pictures inside the magazine” ? What am I missing here?

In Boston we have a point of reference for projects like the International Space Station— it’s called the Big Dig, the world’s most expensive public works project ever.

Who is Kathleen Troia McFarland? According to the New York Times, she is the GOP’s latest hopeful to run against Senator Hillary Clinton in New York. The Times reports that McFarland, 54, a former Pentagon spokeswoman, is “a protégé of Henry A. Kissinger.” Ms. McFarland is described by party leaders as a “tough, telegenic woman who supports abortion rights and may keep some female votes in play.” Sure. If you say so. Hard, hard times ahead for the Republicans in New York.

The Reverend Jerry Falwell never disappoints. Apparently he had been misquoted in the Jerusalem Post: he does NOT believe that “that Jews can go to heaven without being converted to Jesus Christ.” In fact, Falwell says, he opposes the idea of “dual covenant” theology, that Jews have a “special relationship” with God and can expect salvation. Falwell entitled his public statement: “A Gracious Correction of the Jerusalem Post.” Any idea what an ungracious correction might have been like?

And I am not making this stuff up….

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